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Maths and The Greeks

Published: July 2002

Many maths activities today can be traced back to the top scholars of early civilizations. This excellent series provides an opportunity to link mathematics and history in a cross-curricular approach, thereby not only saving valuable time but enriching a core subject.

Each chapter in the books provides:

  • references to the Numeracy Framework

  • background information about people and events of the period

  • practical activities with helpful illustrations and diagrams, for working individually, in pairs or groups

  • differentiated activities presented at three ability levels

  • teacher's notes providing additional information, guidance and extension tasks

  • vocabulary bank of mathematical language

Maths and the Greeks chapters include:

  • Numbers and the number system

  • Calculations

  • Problem solving

  • Handling data

  • Measures, shape and space

ISBN: 9781902239941