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Pinocchio: A Musical For Children

This is an exciting show for KS2 or Lower secondary school children with important citizenship themes: Bullying, Friendship, Helping Others and Equal Opportunities.

Pamela Pipp is a schoolgirl fascinated by tricks, games and puzzles. She wins a visit to the Exciting Experiences laboratory, but she has to take the two class bullies along, even though they cheated in the competition. Professor Braincell offers them a ride in his latest invention... a flying pumpkin... and Pamela has some exciting adventures in Mathsville and Languageland, defeating the Number Queen and helping the Word Wizard.

After being rescued from the sea by a very incompetent Captain and ship's crew, she arrives home safely with the bullies... and they've certainly learned a thing or two on their travels as well.

Includes CD with:

  • Musical Backing Tracks

  • Vocals and Music Combined

This 75 minute musical play for Key Stage 2 or lower secondary children is loosely based on the famous children's story by Carlo Collodi.

It retains many of the best loved characters and situations, like Pinocchio's kind and generous father Geppetto, the mischievous Cat and Fox, the Fairy who makes Pinocchio's nose grow longer, the Whale who swallows Pinocchio, and the puppet theatre with its fearsome owners and captive puppets where Pinocchio performs.

Includes CD with Musical Backing Tracks, Vocals and Music Combined.

ISBN: 9781905390694